Top Tips

Heating Tips

  • Older boilers waste energy. Consider replacing yours with a modern condensing boiler, which converts more than 88% of fuel into heat. This could save you hundreds of pounds on your average yearly heating bill.
  • Install a timer on your central heating system. It is far more cost efficient to have your boiler set to come on and off when required rather than running it continuously.
  • Ensure your central heating system is equipped with a room thermostat. Cutting room temperature by one degree can save 5% on your yearly heating bill.
  • Install thermostatic radiator valves to all your radiators which will control individual room temperatures. Alternatively if a room is seldom used switch the heat off completely unless required.
  • Install an audible, battery operated carbon monoxide alarm.

Insulation Tips

  • Insulation is very important. “Enough energy to heat 3 million homes is lost through poorly insulated houses each year” - The Energy Savings Trust.
  • Ensure your hot water cylinder has an insulation jacket fitted.
  • Ensure your central heating system's pipes are properly lagged and insulated so energy is not wasted through unnecessary heat loss.
  • Ensure your loft and cavity walls are all insulated to a high standard. This could save you hundreds of pounds per year.

Customer Advice

Please find below the emergency numbers for Gas and Water companies:
  • Gas Emergency Helpline
    0800 111 999
  • Water Emergency Helpline
    0845 9200 800

If you have a question or query about any recent work which AMF has completed, we will be happy to discuss them with you and return to your premises should the need arise.